Course Care
We are very proud of our course and expect all players, both members and visitors alike, to adhere to the following requirements in respect of course care;
Repairing Divots: Players must repair all divots made. 
  • A sand bucket must be carried at all times to repair divots made when playing from tee areas or couch fairways.  
  • Repair the divot by removing any loose or damaged turf and then fill the divot with sand to just below the level of the surrounding turf.
  • Divots taken when playing from other areas can be repaired by replacing the damaged turf and pressing it down firmly. 
Caring for the Greens:  Damage to the putting green caused by PITCH MARKS must be repaired, as follows;
  • Discard the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball;
  • Insert the pitch mark repairer tool just outside of the back of the pitch mark;
  • Lever the turf towards the centre of the pitch mark;
  • Repeat this motion from all sides of the pitch mark;
  • Gently tap the repaired area with your putter.  This action stretches undamaged turf over the pitch mark, providing instant recovery.DO NOT replace the loose piece of turf taken out by the ball.  It will die and delay the healing process;
  • DO NOT pry up the centre of the depression with the pitch mark repairer as it exposes the soil and will delay the healing process;
  • DO NOT insert the pitch mark repairer and twist it.  This only breaks more turf loose.
Players should ensure that no damage is done to the putting green when laying down the flagstick, that neither they nor their caddies damage the hole when standing close to it, when handling the flagstick, or in removing the ball from the hole. The ball must not be removed from the hole by using the putter head.
The flagstick should be properly replaced in the hole before leaving the putting green.
Players should take care that they do not damage the putting green when leaning on their putters.
In no case should bags be placed on the putting surface.
Repairing Bunkers:   Before leaving a bunker, a player should carefully fill up and smooth over all holes and footprints;
  • Pull the rake toward you as you exit the bunker;
  • Do not pile sand at the edge of the bunker. Push back excess sand;
  • The rake should be left in the flat of the bunker, as far from the edge as possible, with the handle pointing toward the tee of the hole being played.
Golf Trundlers:
Local notices regulating the use of golf trundlers should be strictly observed. Do not wheel trundlers;
  • Onto greens, mounds, tees or newly sown areas;
  • Between greens and surrounding mounds.