Health & Safety

Health and Safety at Whitford Park Golf Club

Safe practices have been adopted for this course and all players are asked to note the following procedures to prevent injury to players and staff from golf balls and equipment.

Golfing Risks: A golf course can be a hazardous environment and players must always remain vigilant to prevent accidental injury to themselves and others. Please ensure you are always behind the player hitting the ball and always call “Fore” if your ball strays onto another players fairway. Never hit until the way is clear do not rely on others to know when you intend to hit.

Practice Range: Members and guests are to ensure they are 5 metres from any other player when taking their practice swing. Walk behind the red line when on the 2 covered driving ranges.

Golf Carts: Golf carts may only be driven by anyone over the age of 18 with a full driver’s licence. All cart users must sign the golf cart waiver sheet before going on course. All cart users must stay away from tees, greens, and bunkers at least 5 metres. Golfers are expected to take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all persons on the course.

Natural risks: At all times members must abide by the Club Ruling on the day of play – eg wind, rain, hazardous environment, course works. These will be posted on the website and generally e-mailed in advance.

Course maintenance: If a hole is being worked on by staff, they have the right of way until the flagstick is back in (mowing) or the way is clear, and you are called to play your shot. Spraying of pesticides, fungicides and other chemicals is an essential part of course maintenance – while this work is being undertaken there will be a sign out on the entrance to the first tee stating what chemicals are in use. Please avoid any contact with your face/eyes from your hands and wash your hands after your round, do not lick your ball, use a towel.

Lightning strike:

Anyone struck directly by lightning will be seriously burnt and is likely to have stopped breathing – if you encounter this call 111 and the pro-shop for the Defibrillator to be brought out.

If caught in the open when an electrical storm develops, count the time gap between the lightning flash and the sound of the thunder. Each second of delay between a lightning flash and the thunder is approximately one kilometre of distance, if the gap is less than 5 seconds take these precautions – get into a car or building, if in the open stay clear of wire fences, large trees, hilltops and metal tools or equipment.

In the open it is safer lying on the ground than standing up.

If a worker is operating a mower or tractor with ground contact implements the machine should be left and no person is to be within 50 metres.

Incident reporting: All accidents or near misses are to be reported to the office or pro-shop or alternatively phone the General Manager 0275304382.