Local Rules

Local Rules 2019

A-1 Defining Boundaries

Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2)

· Out of bounds is defined by the line between the course-side points at ground level of white stakes and fence posts.

· The boundary on Hole 4 is defined by fence surrounding the residences.

· The boundary to the left of Hole 1 is defined by the course-side edge of the driveway

B-1 Penalty Areas

Provisional Ball for Ball in a Penalty Area

If a player does not know whether his or her ball is lost or in the penalty area to the right of the Hole 17, the player may play a provisional ball under Rule 18.3, which is modified in this way:

In playing the provisional ball, the player may use the stroke-and-distance relief option (see Rule 17.1d(1), the back-on-the-line relief option (see Rule 17.1d(2)). Once the player has played a provisional ball under this Rule, he or she may not use any further options under Rule 17.1 in relation to the original ball.

In deciding when that provisional ball becomes the player's ball in play or if it must or may be abandoned, Rule 18.3c(2) and 18.3c(3) apply except that:

· When Original Ball Is Found in Penalty Area Within Three-Minute Search Time. The player may choose either to:

o Continue to play the original ball as it lies in the penalty area, in which case the provisional ball must not be played. All strokes with that provisional ball before it was abandoned (including strokes made and any penalty strokes solely from playing that ball) do not count, or

o Continue to play the provisional ball in which case the original ball must not be played.

· When Original Ball Is Not Found Within Three-Minute Search Time or Is Known or Virtually Certain to Be in Penalty Area. The provisional ball becomes the player's ball in play.

E Special or Required Relief Areas

E-4 Relief from Aeration Holes

If a player’s ball lies in or touches an aeration hole:

(a) Ball in General Area. The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b. If the ball comes to rest in another aeration hole the player may take relief again under this Local Rule.

(b) Ball on Putting Green. The player may take relief under Rule 16.1d.

But interference does not exist if the aeration hole only interferes with the player’s stance or, on the putting green, on the player’s line of play.

E-10 Protection of Trees

The trees identified by being under 2 club lengths in height are no play zones:

· If a player’s ball lies anywhere on the course other than in a penalty area and it lies on or touches such a tree or such a tree interferes with the player’s stance or area of intended swing, the player MUST take relief under Rule 16.1f.

E-8 Defining No Play Zones

· All formed gardens are no play zones that are to be treated as an abnormal course condition. Free relief must be taken from interference by the no play zone under Rule 16.1f.

F-1 Defining Abnormal Course Conditions and Integral Objects

Abnormal Course Conditions (including Immovable Obstructions) (Rule 16)

Ground under repair is defined by any area encircled by a white or blue line.

Integral Objects

· Retaining artificial walls and pilings when located around1st and 10th Tees or in front of and below Clubhouse are integral objects.

F-5 Immovable Obstructions Close to Putting Greens

Relief from interference by an immovable obstruction may be taken under Rule 16.1.

The player also has these extra options to take relief when such immovable obstructions are close to the putting green and on the line of play:

Ball in General Area. The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b if an immovable obstruction is:

· On the line of play, and is:

o Within two club-lengths of the putting green, and

o Within two club-lengths of the ball.

o Exception - No Relief If Line of Play Clearly Unreasonable. There is no relief under this Local Rule if the player chooses a line of play that is clearly unreasonable.

F-8 Relief from Cracks in Ground

· Cracks in the ground in parts of the general area cut to fairway height or less are ground under repair. The player may take relief under Rule 16.1b.

· All open drains, and covered drains filled with any of the following: scoria, sand, rock and pumice (includes soil settlement in a drain creating a depression) are ground under repair.

All tree felling areas and associated tractor/machinery marks are ground under repair.

Areas of “Spongy Turf ‐ defined as ground that significantly changes shape when a player applies weight to it yet no temporary water appears on the surface. For a ball not found in G.U.R, proceed under Rule 16.1e

Penalty for breach of above Local Rules: Match Play – Loss of hole, Stroke Play – Two stroke penalty