Whitford Park Golf Club (WPGC) is located in the stunning Whitford Valley only a half hour drive from the centre of Auckland in New Zealand.
The original land, that was once an ostrich farm, was acquired in 1967 for the Whitford Park Golf Club. The area was 254 acres, of which 144 acres was developed into the golf course. The land cost at the time was $180,000.
The initial and enthusiastic Whitford Park Development Committee, led by Jack Eccles, established the Country Club concept, acquired the land, planned the golf course and club, identified funding arrangements and then secured the required members via a combination of Debenture ($330.00) or $100.00 subscription including a $50.00 joining fee.
The conceptual vision for the Country Club, that included club rooms, restaurant, an 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, squash courts, swimming pool, children's play grounds and horse riding trails. The concept had its origins in the USA, where country clubs had proven popular.
At the time Golf in NZ was booming and the target membership of 750 was readily filled.
Within the first two years the club boasted an 18 hole golf course, a large swimming pool, clubhouse facilities and two tennis courts and negotiations were under way with a number of golf professionals.
In the first year of operation (1969) income was $20,490 and expenditure was $18,000 leaving a handsome profit of $2,500. Fixed assets were $207,000 and the club had 833 members of which 70 were non-playing.
In the first year of operation the following committees guided the newly formed Whitford Park Country Club; Finance, Works, Staff, Buildings, Match, Membership, Development, Handicap and House Committee.
The ground work was in place for a very successful recreational venture, that many may have thought was ahead of its time.