Visiting Whitford Park
Green Fees for visitors are as follows, for further green fee prices please contact the Golf Shop on 09 930 7267.
Non-affiliated $125.00
Non–affiliated and guest of a Member $75.00
Affiliated $95.00
Affiliated and guest of a Member $65.00
Juniors and guest of a Member $25.00
9 Hole Non-affiliated $60.00
9 Hole Affiliated $50.00
9 Hole Affiliated guest of a member $37.50


The Club’s dress standards apply to all visitors.
An acceptable standard of golf dress, including golf skivvies is required on the course and in the clubhouse. Not permitted are: jandals, beach wear, track wear, tank tops, brief shorts, collarless shirts.
Soft spikes or flat sole shoes only. Shoes worn on course are not permitted in the Clubhouse.
No person shall be allowed to take liquor on the golf course and other recreational areas without the express permission of the General Manager.
Parents of children under 18 years of age will be responsible for their good behaviour.
  • ONE prolonged blast on the siren will indicate that play is to be suspended.
  • TWO short blasts will indicate that play is to resume.
  • THREE short blasts indicate postponement of play and players must return to the Clubhouse where the duration of the stoppage will be announced.
Greenkeepers have priority at all times on the course. Please wait for acknowledgement from the Greenkeeper before playing your shot.
On the course all mobile phones must be on silent mode or switched off. The message system may be accessed at the conclusion of play or when there is a lengthy player delay.
Local Rules are displayed in two separate parts;
  • Part 1 is printed on the score card
  • Part 2 is displayed in the locker rooms in the Clubhouse
The Club accepts no responsibility for damage to property or injury to person sustained on or about the club’s premises, property and car park. In particular, the Club does not accept responsibility for the supervision of children using the Club’s facilities.